• 27 octobre 2016

Interpolate A/V

Interpolate A/V

150 150 push 1 stop

photos: Sébastien Roy et Resident Advisor




INTERPOLATE AV explores the idea of audio and visuals joined as one through the performers and their networked computers, to create a live generative conversation between the two mediums, and blur the roles of musician and visual artist, creating a sort of improvisational game engine that both performers interact with simultaneously. On stage, Push 1 stop and Woulg use custom software to play and interact with the system together as if it were a third performer. By incorporating live coding and generative processes, and rendering the visuals in real time, the performance takes on a unique and improvisational structure that is in many ways similar to a live jazz band. At some parts the visuals control the sound and at other moments the sound creates the visuals. Stark, minimal, parametric design and complex particle systems take the audience through the music, conveying the physicality of the sound while mapping out the emotional landscape of the melodies.

To interpolate means to « determine an intermediate value or term in a series by calculating it from surrounding known values ». The intention of Push 1 stop and Woulg in their work is to create the missing data between sound and image.


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