• 9 avril 2019

Frozen Music

Frozen Music

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Previsualization for “Frozen Music”, a generative video installation.


Sound sculptures for a large projection surface.

“Frozen Music” is a generative video installation for a large projection surface. Sound is presented as a three-dimensional sculpture that becomes ‘frozen’ in time. Suspended in space, each form delicately shifts and moves to expose intricate qualities. As an audience observes, they experience sound as an architectural element, as each sculpture is created in real-time.

Materials 2-5 DLP projectors or LED Wall, two computers, speakers.
Dimensions Dimensions variable.
Running Time Indeterminate. Generative composition.

Large video projection with multi-channel sound.

One video image is projected onto a wall in a large exhibit space. The surface is ideally 15 meters long, covered by multiple video projectors. Rear projection is recommended or LED Wall.

A multi-channel speaker set-up is used to spatialize sound. The minimum number of speakers are dependent on the size of the projection wall.


Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules [push1stop.com]
Michael G. Dean [michaeldean.ca]

Finding beauty in automated processes, “Frozen Music” is a video installation of visually composed sound. Both sound and image are transformed into one another, creating a strange synaesthesia where two different mediums become confused and intertwined. As each sculpture materializes from chaotic noises and delicate melodies, a soft narrative expresses the beauty of the unseen.

The piece is conceived as a ‘living artwork’ – there is no definitive beginning or end. It is an ongoing experience that audiences come in and out of. Visual sculptures and musical passages are continuously created, so the work resists being entirely captured by a video recording or photograph. This approach is about encouraging real-life witness experiences over digital voyeurism.

In “Frozen Music”, two artists worked in close proximity to obtain a fluidity between their artistic domains. The result emphasizes the interchangeability of modern digital formats and how they might be reinterpreted to express something new from existing digital materials. In “Frozen Music”, the computer participates as a translator, moving the artists’ composed data into the appropriate type of expression: sound, image, and virtual sculpture.

Previsualization. All images are simulated.
© 2019 Frozen Music, Prototype. Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules / Michael G. Dean.